Tailored Logo Merchandise Company Stores for Reselling

Do you have employees, franchises, members, customers or students who would like to purchase products and supplies imprinted with your logo?

Operating a brick and mortar company store requires space for inventories, a lot of staff hours, and a lot of bookkeeping. But now it is easy with our Tailored Logo Merchandise Company Store where the e-commerce website technology does all the work! Click and you're done!

  1. No Invoicing or Collecting! Buyers buy and pay online.
  2. Save Space! Tailored Printing ships direct to you or your customer.
  3. Easy 24/7 Access! Your store can be hosted on your site or ours.
  4. Access Information! Receive order acknowledgements via email.
  5. No More Hassles! Purchasers can contact Tailored Printing instead of you with any problems.
  6. Offer and Sell More Products! It's easy to add logoed products to your virtual store's online catalog.

With no investment risk required, you're free to experiment and see which private label products sell best.

Whether you need an employee company store, a web-based corporate promotional products and supplies store for franchisees, or a private label company store for members or students, we have the online shopping cart software and printing services to make it all simple and profitable!

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