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Print QR Codes on Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards
and More!

“QR” is short for quick response. They are codes, similar to barcodes, and they can be scanned by cell phones (smart phones). As an Advertiser, you can use them to send prospects wherever you want them to go:



* Visit your web page, get more info & sign up

* See a video or product demo

* Get your business location instantly mapped on their phone

* Save the date of your event in their calendar and/or buy tickets

* Obtain an instant discount code or coupon

* Receive all your business card information into their phone’s contact list



Place them on anything readable – print, banners, promotional products, or even a T-shirt. For customer convenience put them anywhere you would put a phone number or web address.

QR Code Marketing Tips

QR Codes - Postcards

Post Cards

Use special offers enticing prospects to scan for a coupon or discount code. Once they sign-up, you can market directly to their mobile phone or e-mail to nurture this lead along. Or simply send them to the appropriate landing page on your website where so much more information can be obtained than would fit on the post card. Boost effectiveness of “Save-The-Date” post cards with a QR code that places the event on their calendar, and even allows them to RSVP or purchase a ticket.

QR Codes - Brochures


Print QR codes on brochures to link prospects to additional information on your website or to view a product demo on YouTube. Link them to opportunities to respond such as placing an order right then! Or they can request samples, or request to have a representative call, or set up an appointment online.

QR Codes - Business Cards

Business Cards

Add a QR code to your business card and potential clients can add you to their phone contacts with a click of a button – all your business card info is added instantly. You can send them to your website or to your facebook/LinkedIn page making it easy to “like” you, and use social media to nurture this lead. Put a QR code on the back so they can instantly map how to get to your office location.

Full Color Printing -

Shop 123GoPrintNow.com for full color printing on brochures, newsletters, letterhead, envelopes, business cards and more.

Get a Free QR Code!

To qualify simply place a NEW print or promotional product order with Tailored Printing. We will create and test the QR code prior to printing PLUS provide you with two unique reports showing you the number of scans. ($35 value)

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