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Logo Merchandise Company Stores
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Group Purchasing Stores
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Online Company Stores for Easy Ordering
and Brand Management of Print, Promotional Products and Apparel

Spending too much time managing print & corporate identity materials?

Simplify with a Tailored Company Store for online ordering, inventory management and fulfillment. Your store becomes an online shopping cart catalog of all your printed materials, hosted on your web site or ours. Procurement professionals and print purchasers often discover that just a few clicks on their new Company Store can now accomplish what may have taken hours previously.

Benefits of Online Company Stores

Demo of Online Company Store
Save Time. Online ordering is quick and easy and it reduces delivery times. Drop ship to a unique location or to multiple locations. 24/7 access allows you to view Open Orders, Status and Tracking.

Reduce Errors. Images of your printed items appear on your screen, so you always know you ordered the right one. Business cards and other items with variable information can be modified and proofed immediately on screen. E-mail confirmation is received after ordering.

Simplify the Ordering & Approval Process. Others in your office can also order online - pending your approval. Once a user places an order, the purchasing manager receives an email detailing the order and requesting approval prior to processing the request.

Simplify Brand Management. Whether it's offices across town or across the country, use Tailored Printing as your single source for consistent color and corporate identity on printing, promotional products and corporate apparel.

Online Inventory Management. View inventory levels & request a release for items in storage. Reorder when inventory goes under a chosen quantity.

Cut Costs. View order history and usage to make economical decisions about future orders. Combine orders with branch offices or affiliates at discounted prices. Expense reports by cost center make it easy to accurately bill back departments.


Cost to Set Up an Online Company Store Website:


• Up to 20 items - $1,000. Alternative no-cost option: Deposit $2,000 on account for future company store purchases or any other purchases with Tailored Printing.

• Up to 50 items - $2,000. Alternative no-cost option: Deposit $4,000 on account for future company store purchases or any other purchases with Tailored Printing.

Please Contact us about fees for stores with more than 50 items.

Monthly Fees

Depending upon store complexity, average monthly hosting/maintenance fees range from $75 - $100 per month but will be waived as long as your store and/or company does at least $7,500 of business with Tailored Printing annually.


Custom Online Company Store for Brand Management

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"We use the internet ordering service and find it very easy to use. We appreciate that samples of our forms are on this ordering service. We can check the format to see if any changes are necessary before ordering. We get a very timely response to our requests and our orders are processed very quickly. We enjoy working with Kevin and his staff as they are always courteous, helpful and efficient."


-Susan Raaum, Executive Vice President, Operations, Marine Bank
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