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Online Company Stores for Group Purchasing

BalloonsOnline Company Stores for Group Purchasing enable you to use our e-commerce shopping cart software for combining multiple orders into one master order for huge savings! "As orders go up, prices go down!"

How does it work?
  1)  Tailored Printing sets up your new online company store displaying the products you wish to offer.
  2)  Based on estimated combined order quantity ranges, we together establish price ranges for each
  3)  An order window is chosen and interested parties are directed to the online store to place their
       purchases prior to the deadline.
  4)  Tailored Printing prints/embroiders the products and ships direct to each location (or to one location if
  5)  Tailored Printing bills each location directly (or bills one location if desired).
  6)  No additional costs are billed for the Online Company Store, order processing or billing.

Ideal for:

• Not-for-Profit & Franchise Groups
• Central Marketing Managers
• Associations
• Any organization with multiple groups ordering the same products with the same logo.

With Tailored Printing as your partner you now have the online shopping cart software and printing services needed to get bulk volume discounts without bulk inventory or bulk order hassles! Everyone wins!

Check out the case study & demo and then contact us to get started leveraging your prices!

Case Study: A few local United Way organizations were combining orders on several imprinted campaign products imprinted with their logo. Everyone saved on costs, but it was a lot of work for the one person who had to get bids from multiple vendors, gather all the orders via fax, place the orders, and then had to figure out all the billing and collect. Then the group tried a Group Purchasing Online Company Store by Tailored Printing. Over the last 5 years the buying group has grown to over 130 participating United Ways enjoying drastically reduced prices on over 100 campaign products. The e-commerce website technology does all the work of taking orders accurately, giving instant order confirmations, shipping, and invoicing. The automation made it possible to add many more products and many more United Ways to participate. As orders continue to go up, prices continue to go down.

Collaborative Demo

"It has been great for us and the 130 or so other United Ways from Florida to California who have saved thousands of dollars by combining orders on campaign printing and promotional products using Tailored Printing's online ordering system."
John Kelker
President and Chief Professional Officer
United Way of Central Illinois
Springfield, IL

"Just placed our order again this year...LOVE The Collaborative...great prices, great quality, can't say enough good about it!"
Nikki Keller
Vice President, Community Impact Marketing
United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne County
Scranton, PA

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